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Diabetic Testing Guide

4 Things to Consider Before Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips for Cash

Dealing with diabetes can be very hard. It is a condition that can derail you physically, emotionally, and financially. In order to keep the ailment under control, one needs to have the necessary tools like diabetic test strips. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford them or is lucky enough to be subscribed to a government program. On the other hand we have those who have the financial muscle and usually end up with more than enough supply. If left unused, they eventually expire. To keep that from happening, one may decide to sell the excess or those he does not use anymore and make extra cash. In order to do it the right way, here are four important things to take into consideration.



You need to ensure that the test strips from this home page are in perfect shape before putting them up for sale. It is important to think about the safety of the person who will be using the test strips. The fact that you are selling them means that you should not sell bad products to anybody. Furthermore, you are actually helping them out.


Condition of the strips

Condition of the strips is what determines how much you will get for each box. A box with longer expiry date will fetch more than one that has neared its expiry date. The same applies for the physical condition of the box whereby a dilapidated box will cost less while one that has been maintained properly will sale for more than $40.


Legality of selling the box

This is determined by the method used to acquire the diabetic test strips. It is fairly legal to sell the boxes if you bought them with your own money. However, boxes acquired through a government program are not meant to be sold. Doing so will have some legal implications and may led to one being charged or having the program stopped. For more facts and information about diabetic test strips, you can go to


Lastly, you just have to get the right resale agent to do business with. It matters a lot that you get the right one so that you do not have any issues later on. As much as it is all business, there are health concerns involved.


To sell test strips can get you some good money if you do it right. Nevertheless, you need to know that you are doing more of a service to someone else. If it is possible to hand out free to somebody who does not have the means, it would be a lot better especially for those that cannot be sold legally.