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Diabetic Testing Guide

diabetic test strip guide

Selling Diabetic Test Strips to Get Cash

Diabetes is known to be a common condition which requires constant monitoring. It is quite important for every diabetic to have a kit to test blood sugar level. One can receive supplies of different test strip brands and choose a favorite. Well, this means that the other options are simply abandoned and will just be collecting dust.


For a diabetic, one knows that the diabetic test strips are really costly. Also, did you know that there are many diabetics out there who have just low incomes and there are those who lack insurance and they desperately need such supplies at the same time but they are not able to afford the supplies they need. There are many organizations that offer them with the supplies that they need and you can also join in to help them. When you have those unopened and extra test strips which are not yet expired and also the containers, you can actually sell them for cash to those who buys test strips rather than throw them in the trash.


A lot of the diabetics are really wise enough to keep those boxes on hand and they realize later that they actually have more than what they really need. When one receives the boxes regularly, then the extras can pile up. There are also those who don't test as frequently and they have several supplies that are sitting there. Some may have changed their strip brands and they are no longer using the old ones. Well, these should not be tossed in the trash bin and should be exchanged for cash.


Getting cash for test strips is definitely legal if you are the owner of these strips. Any person can purchase the test strips though there is no prescription so long as you purchase them yourself. You are also free to sell them.  When you are looking for those who can purchase your test strips, then you should know that there are many options that you can go for.


Know that the dealers who are in the business of purchasing diabetic test strips are actually in the business of making money however, the end result is just similar because the person who needs such supplies may not be able to afford them would like to get them with a discount or for free. There are many dealers that accept different brands and they would donate some to shelters or offer a percentage of the profit to charities which are related to diabetes.You can also learn more on how to sell diabetic test strip by checking out the post at